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Are you a Unhappy and Dissatisfied Customer?
If Yes, Submit your Complaint / Horror Story

Are you an Unhappy Customer? If yes, we welcome you to exercise your power as a customer. This will be your chance to vent your feelings and get your story heard. We invite you to log-in your complaint so that others are warned from dealing with the defaulting business organization.

As a frustrated, ill-treated and unhappy customer, this will be your chance to tell the business world how you like or don’t like to be treated so that they can take notice.

In unity lies our strength. As more and more people stop buying from the businesses that ill-treat their customers, they will realize the importance of customer, that is, you. Once they realize what we can together do to their bottom line, they will start treating us with respect that we deserve.

Updating / Deleting your Complaint

You cannot edit your posted complaint. Posted complaints can only be UPDATED and DELETED.

We will not entertain any request to carry out any change in your posted message. However, we will remove the entire message on receipt of your email instructions after matching your email address with the email address you had given while posting the message. Of course, later you can post your correct message that is acceptable to you for posting for public view.

Please note that the above verification method/process of deletion / removal of your posted message are not foolproof and as such, we have no liability for the incorrect deletion of your message. So, if you want to DELETE / REMOVE your posted complaint, send us an email.

To UPDATE your complaint, first use our search facility to search for your complaint or you can view the same by clicking on the “Manage your account” option. At the end of your complaint, you will find the option to UPDATE your complaint.

Check & Buy
Buy only from companies that treat its customers like “Kings”

Before buying a product or service, check out the company’s attitude towards its customer as well as the quality of the products and services that you intend to buy at this site. With our search facility, you can review both negative and positive information, if any, regarding the product, service, brand, model and company to enable you to make an informed buying decision. Try to buy only from companies that treat its customers like “Kings” and whose product and service have good quality. Its about time, we exercised out power as customers by uniting together.

A word of caution, The complaints as well as appreciations have been logged in by visitors to this website. They have not been authenticated in any manner by the owners of this website. As such, you are advised to use the information with utmost care and caution.

























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