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Business world continues to ill-treat its customers with immunity. Practically, everyone has horror stories to tell about their horrid experience as a customer. Apart from a few of us who seek and get justice, most of us are helpless. We silently suffer the economic loss and emotional stress. Why? Because we, the customers, are not united. Businesses know this and take advantage. They think, “What can one customer do?”

Well, we can do plenty if we want to. What are businesses concerned about most? Their bottom line. As such, we need to take actions which will have an impact on the bottom line of the businesses for them to notice us and treat us like “Kings.” For this we need to take the following actions:

Unhappy Customers Power
Unhappy Customers
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Unhappy Customers

We need to share information about companies that ill-treat its customers with each other so that all of us refrain from doing business with such companies. To do this, you can log in your customer complaint on our site. Once, we as a group, stop doing business with defaulting companies and hurt their bottom line, they will change their attitude themselves.

Before buying a product or service, check out the company’s attitude towards its customer at this site by browsing the customer complaints posted on this website. You can using our keyword search option to do so. Try to buy only from companies that treat its customers like “Kings.” Its about time, we exercised our power as customers by uniting together.

Happy Customer Power
Happy Customers
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Customer Power Club

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Complaint Help Services

  Happy Customers / Submit Customer Complaints

We also need to encourage companies that treat all of us like “Kings” by logging our customer appreciation on this site. We should give business to such companies so that their sales and profits grow exponentially. This will encourage them to continue to treat all of us like “Kings.”

Before buying a product or service, check out the company’s attitude towards its customer at this site by browsing the customer appreciations posted on this website. You can use our keyword search option to do so. Try to buy only from companies that treat its customers like “Kings.” Its about time, we exercised our power as customers by uniting together.

Customer Power Club / Submit Customer Appreciations

Join the Customer Power Club and exercise your power as "King" along with other customers. Once you become a member, we will inform you about companies which are not treating their customers properly so that you can stop buying from them. We will also inform you about companies that treat customers like "Kings" so that all of us can start buying from them.

Complaint Help Services

Most disgruntled customers don’t know where or how to complain. They do not even know what type of information to include in their complaint or how to escalate the complaint to a higher level when they do not get a satisfactory response. Such complaints usually end up at the wrong desk or are just ignored. As a result, dissatisfied customers usually ends up losing interest in pursuing his customer complaint and just does not make any further effort.

We would like to assist frustrated and dissatisfied customers to get justice by having your customer complaint resolved. We give no guarantees. We just offer assistance in the following ways:

Click here for some tips for writing complaint letters as well as for complaint follow-up.

Customer Complaint Help services

Drafting of the complaint letter.

Forwarding of the complaint letter to the right person (service available only in India).

Follow-up of the complaint (service available only in India).

Customer Complaint Cards.

Innovative Customer complaint cards based on the concept of Customer satisfaction and customer retention are available so as to motivate the defaulting company and their executives to resolve your complaint quickly.

Objectives of Customer Power

Assist customers to exercise their power as a customer to obtain “value for money” and efficient customer service from businesses.

Convince businesses and entrepreneurs to tap the vast potential of a “satisfied customer” for higher sales and profits.

To assist business executives to understand the role that a satisfied customer can play in making their career a success.

Empower the harassed customer to voice his grievances.

Provide information to customers so that they make informed purchase decisions.

Provide customer feedback to businesses so that they can improve their products and services for a sustainable competitive advantage.

To provide assistance to aggrieved customers to resolve their customer complaints.


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